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about marie
My name is Marie Lu, and I specialize in Flash art, concept art, and art for social apps. I'm currently an Art Director at Online Alchemy, a social gaming company, and manage art teams for Facebook apps. I've been creating art for social games since graduating from the Univ. of Southern California, and started creating apps back in 2007. I spent two years working at Disney Interactive (on their social console add-on DGamer) before heading off to lead art teams at various start-up gaming companies. I've done work on iPhone/Facebook games, standalone MMO online games, Flash games, and brand merchandise. I also created the Fuzz Academy children's brand, which was at the 2010 International Licensing Expo and chosen as one of 20 brands with the strongest potential for a TV series.

I'm also a Young Adult author. My first novel, Legend, will be coming out in December 2011 as the Lead Title from Penguin Group's Putnam Children division.

I currently live in Pasadena, California.